Napoleon Silver Reference mono-block Amplifier

New Century Edition

The Napoleon is so named because of the vast wealth in silver used in the amplifier. The power transformer, choke and output transformer are all hand-wound and engineered by the renowned MagneQuest transformer company.

The New Century Edition builds on the past using a unique input transformer coupled to the renowned WE437A that is capacitor coupled to the 300B with a choke input design. This yields great transients and power without the loss of dynamics.

In keeping with the critical role of the power supply in single-ended amps, all capacitors are premium Black Gate. In addition, vacuum-tube rectification is employed. The 5AR4 rectifier in the Napoleon is a classic 1950's Mullard design, selected from a wide field of contenders on the basis of musical listening tests.

The Napoleon is configured as a monoblock amplifier, fitted with an RCA input jack, Cardas 5-way binding posts, an on/off switch and a detachable IEC power cord. The chassis is constructed from a curly maple and walnut with a glacier white top plate. The amplifier is supplied with effective anti-vibrational feet to minimize the influence of environmental vibrations.

This amplifier is the result of an ongoing development program of several years' duration. We believe that it provides the best sound possible at any price.

Like all Wavelength Audio products, the Napoleon is a handmade, limited-edition instrument based on unique vacuum tube designs.

December 1996 original review by Jonahtan Valin, Napoleon


 input inpedance



 4 or 8 switchable



 bandwidth @1W

 15Hz-38kHz -3dB




 38 pounds


 WE300B, WE437A and Mullard 5AR4

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