Royal Directly Heated Triode all tube preamplifier specifications:

Three Line Level inputs 10K Transformer isolated, ground isolated switch selectable.
Output Impedance ~ 600 ohms unbalanced only.
Volume Control Penny & Giles 10K RF15 manual only.
Auto Mute Circuit, power up and power down.
Gain = 10dB
External Power supply, 115/230Vac capable.

Tubes: 2x 71A gain/driver, 6V4/EZ80 tube rectifier

10" wide by 12.75" deep, by 3.5" high chassis, with tubes 7~8" high.
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Royal Directly Heated Triode Preamplifier

The Royal has 3 line level inputs that are selectable into a custom input transformer. This transformer isolates the input from either the Penny and Giles volume control, or a remote controlled volume control (your choice). The volume control feeds the 71A tube used as a gain and output tube. Therefore only one device is used per channel. The input transformer assures the Royal to be true in phase. The 71A known as a Directly Heated Output tube is hefty enough to drive any type of amplifier.

MSRP $7500, with silver input transformer = price on request.