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This Page is basically what I feel is a link page. These programs on the PC serve to be the best available setup for using a PC as Media server.

EAC Exact Audio Copy is the best PC application for ripping CD's error free into your library.

Meedio is a front end application to display and listen to your library.

Windows has a terrible little problem called the K-Mixed. It basically is a component of Windows that mucks with the data before it goes out the USB port. To fix that problem there is a little free program called ASIO4ALL.com that replaces the K-Mixer and sends out unaltered data to the USB Port.

Ounce you have installed the USB DAC through Windows setup wizard. Now install ASIO4ALL and select the DAC using it's utility. Meedio can then be directed to use ASIO4ALL as it's output device.

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