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Cosine SPDIF DAC Technical Details


Block Diagram of the Cosine


Ok everyone wants to know how it works so ok.... The DAC in the Cosine is a module so that if in the future I come up with a better mousetrap that you won't have to get a completely new dac. NO the Cosine uses a Multibit DAC IC with a single resistor as a Passive I/V conversion. Because only a resistor can be a linear device over the entire audio band.

The Cosine is powered by a external power module (or Sine) using Linear Technologies regulators and Hexfred Rectifiers. The DC-IN is feed into Power Central which has 6 separate regulators for the different parts of the Cosine and uses 12 Black Gate capacitors for the best sonics available.

The Cosine is either activated by the Sine or through the power switch. That activates Power Central into starting up all the active sections of the Cosine.

The Tube (6GM8/ECC86) output is parallel feed and has an output impedance that is 500 ohms. Both the Audio Choke and Output step down transformers are made by MagneQuest.

If you have more questions please give me a call or an email.


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