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Update Crimson Quotient Q1, the module looks complete at this point. I ran into some problems with 384K and need to update the USB Module for those sample rates. The Q1 is not effected by this and will go into production soon. There was no electrical changes from what was shown at RMAF.


RMAF14 Introductions: Crimson Quotient Q1, Nano Electron, Juice Box and Atom.

Quotient Q1 is a FPGA based DoP decoder and DAC module based on the ES9018. I am considering a crazy idea for a Q2 for the Crimson as well. I will follow up with a Cosecant version of the Quotient real soon.

Nano Electron is a lithium ion powered Class 1 USB DAC (24/96) in the new Nano format enclosure, more soon $600 release Q1 2015.

Juice Box is basically a Toslink based Nano Electron to 24/96+ (it will go higher if your source can produce it). $600 available now.

Atom worlds smallest tube dac is a combination of the Electron and Juice in a single nano sized component $1000 release Q2 2015.

More info on all of these soon!
nano, juice box, atom
As we head into the Rocky Mountain (Suite 9007) fall classic, I look back at what has been a crazy year. From all the amazing success that the AudioQuest DragonFly has had all the way to the Barenaked Ladies Grinning Streak Album and tour. The ride has been great and we have a ton of new stuff to show off.

AudioStream had a nice interview with me, thanks Michael.

Yes we have done it... We are all moved into our new digs. I think there is plenty of space at least for the next 10 years or so.

Wavelength Audio, ltd.
6902 Murray Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

March 2012 issue of The Absolute Sound: Editors Choice for the Crimson/Denominator USB DAC in the $10K and above category. Not bad considering the combo is only $9K :)

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AudioStream came on line 10.6.2011 and features the Brick v#3 by the editor Michael Lavorgna.

In the October issue of Stereophile Art Dudley takes the Proton for a spin and it ends up a Recommended Component.

We went to Summer NAMM 2011 again this year and showed some Silver Guitar amplifiers fitting for silver guitars here: Guitar-Engines

Also at Summer NAMM 2011, we launched a new website for PRO Digital and 500 Series equipment

SoundStage Good Sound gave the Proton a really nice review by Doug Blackburn, winning the Good Sound! Great Value award.

Stereophile gives runner up for the Cosecant for Digital Product of the year. My Streamlength USB was granted Digital Product of the year and also Product of the Year in the Ayre QB9, way to go guys! December 2009.

Computer Audiophile took a spin on the Proton and really liked what they heard 6/22/09.

June 2009 Stereophile Magazine Wavelength’s Cosecant The Best USB DAC Yet!
I want to thanks Art Dudley and John Atkinson for their hard work, page 77.
Stereophile Class A Rated Product

Music Served: Extracting Music from your PC, by John Atkinson

Home Entertainment December 2008, Computer Audio 101 by Peter Roth page 53, BTW Peter bought both a Cosecant and a Crimson Balanced for his own setup.

Art Dudley's Listening #33 in Stereophile Magazine Recommended Component Class A for the original Brick.

RMAF 2014 Suite 9007
Wavelength Audio & Vaughn Loudspeakers

In RMAF 2013 Jim brought the plasma tweeters and I really did not think it could get better than this. But I was wrong! Jim married the Plasma tweeter to an Accuton midrange and power bass below 80Hz. This combination was so much better than last years speaker. On setup day we positioned everything with interconnects and speaker cables, went to lunch. Came back powered everything up for the first time and WOW!!! We both said at the same time... It can’t be correct right out of the gate. We fooled around moving the speakers a mere nanometer here and there and then we were set. All finished by about 2pm, world record for this kind of performance.


Vaughn Plasma Speakers, Napoleon Ag 300B Amplifiers and the plasma tweeter power supplies.


Close up of the left speaker, plasma power supply and Napoleon Ag 100% silver amplifier.


Europa Digital/Analog preamplifier Toslink, USB, Ethernet and Wireless, Crimson DHT USB DAC with Quotient Q1 FPGA based DoP DSD and PCM DAC. The Quotient Q1 is a ES9018 based dac module with an FPGA for decoding DSD tracks. The new module sounded great in both PCM and DSD formats. I am considering a all out Q2 module as well for the Crimson. I will update the Cosecant with a Quotient module in the near future.

Only 4 active tubes in the entire system, two 71A tubes (Crimson & Europa) one 417A (Napoleon) and one WE300B. Not one transistor gain stage in the entire setup.


MacBook Pro 15 Retina 16G/480G, Drobo 4T SSD library drive, Cosecant/Denominator, Electron Nano (behind RMAF book), Juice Box Toslink dac (to the right of the MacBook Pro). The Juice box was connected to the Apple Airport Express and then to the Europa analog input.



Plasma tweeters, plasma power supplies, Corona V2 VT52 Ag (100% silver) amplifiers.

Links to show reports:

Fourth year running Best of Show, The Audio Beat thanks Marc for all the nice comments!
John Atkinson of Stereophile had some nice comments after he stopped by.
Michael Lavorgna from AudioStream report of the room.
Audio Federation always has some real nice pictures of all the rooms, thanks.

Many thanks to all the people who stopped by. The room was filled from am to pm.