Eventually I will put a store together here, but in the mean time here are a few things that are available now.

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Mars 8W 300B Custom Amplifier using the RCA 5693 Audio Pentode and the RCA 5690 rectifier with Silver Outputs. So during this virus I have had some free time to do some of the things that are fun in my job. The original Cardinal used the RCA 5693 as the input driver tube so I had a number of these. I also had these super cool 5690 rectifiers which were suppose to be on the Trition Silver, but because of the metal work that didn’t happen. So this is a tiny amplifier 10” wide by 8” deep, RCA’s on the back, both 8 & 16 ohm taps. The amplifier has a lot of gain, a little less than a volt will drive these home. Mono blocks come with Shu Guang Super 300B Matched Pair, Select input and rectifier tubes. $25K Pair

If there is a tube you have been yearning for in a custom amplifier, contact me and we can talk about it.

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Duetto V5, Silver Edition: So after I made a couple of these in copper, I checked stock on our silver wire with MagneQuest head honcho Mike LaFevre and we came up with silver outputs. This is a stereo 8W amplifier using upgraded parts and shipped with NOS input tube selected and rectifier and Psvane WE style 300B matched pair in their nice box. That is the actual amplifier in the picture. The amp is 8W and has both 8 & 16 ohm output terminals.The front is Rosewood and that is real pearl inlay. I do have other woods if you would like something different: $20K

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Brick N2, after RMAF 2019 there was a lot of talk about this product. At the USB connector is a USB isolator which then goes to the Microchip processor with 20x the buffering of the TAS1020. The processor enumerates at 24/96 (44.1, 48, 88.2, 96KHz sample rates supported) with low jitter dual oscillators and full reclocking before it reaches the NOS DAC chip with resistor IV. The DAC output is then directly coupled to the 12AU7A reactor follower output buffering the NOS DAC and cap coupled to the RCA outputs. Two versions available, Copper reactor $2K and Silver reactor (4x larger) $10K, upgrades available for any previous version of the Brick for $500.
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Corona VT52: These are the original Corona amps that I made for myself years ago. These have some hours on them but are also in great shape and since they were mine were of course made with the best possible parts available at the time. Come with two sets of output tubes. Driver tube is a 5842A which of course can be substituted with a WE 417A. Power output is probably like 5-6W, parallel feed. Originally this would go for $9K, $5K for the pair.
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Ethernet Spacelator: I know this has been sitting around since a few RMAF shows. I have six pre-production models (3rd version). The ES is basically an isolator, a reclocker an Ethernet repeater all with a built in super linear power supply. Well actually two power supplies as the input side which goes towards your router has a supply and reclocker and the output side (which goes to your streamer or net dac) has it’s own supply and reclocker. Power supply is switchable between 120Vac to 240Vac and will work at in-between voltages as well. $750