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Signature 45 Stereo Amplifier

When only the very best will satisfy your needs!

 Signature Series Amplifiers




  Signature Series amplifiers, see some of the most favored amplifiers.

Lightning Series Amplifiers

Juipter, Saturn, Gemini and Atlas

 Amplifiers that amaze even me, these low watt amplifiers really make the grade!

Below are selection charts and reviews of my amplifiers

Amplifier Selection Chart

Here is some information about selecting amplifiers for selected speakers that may help you in your search for the perfect match. I have specified the best choice for an above average room of 18W*28L*11H (my listening room). Larger rooms may require more wattage. Speaker Selection Chart listed here...

Speakers under 90dB Sensitivity

 Speakers above 90dB

Speakers & Horns over 100dB

So in the 300B Signature line the Duetto and the Triton are better suited for dynamic type speakers and the Napoleon and Cardinal are better for higher efficiency speakers. In the Lightning amplifiers these fair best on the highly sensitive dynamics and horns. Note if the room is larger than say 700 square feet I would suggest a 300B amplifier with horns if you listen to Big Band or large Orchestral pieces. Otherwise the Lightning series would be fine.

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