Cardinal Series of amplifiers

The name of the Cardinal amplifier was inspired by the cardinal number three. In accordance with the ideals of circuit elegance and simplicity, only three tubes are employed in the Cardinal amplifiers. The power and output transformers are hand wound and engineered by the renowned MagneQuest transformer company.

Cardinal X2

Proabably the best sounding 300B amp, sans the Napoleon. The X2 uses the new 6C45PI input/driver tube that is very similar to the WE437A. This tube is capacitor coupled to the 300B in choke input configuration. This style used also in the Gemini allows the X2 to be very dynamic and have a higher power rating than the rest of the Cardinals. Simply my first choice in the Cardinal line!

The Cardinal is a monoblock amplifier featuring an RCA input jack, Cardas 5-way binding posts, an on/off switch and a detachable IEC power cord. The amplifier base is available in solid cherry, curly maple or walnut. Other woods are available, some wait required for custom types.

The Cardinal received The Best Component of 1994 award from the absolute sound in issue #100; in addition, it was very favorably reviewed by Jonathan Valin in issue #99 of TAS.

Like all Wavelength Audio products, the Cardinal is a handmade, limited-edition instrument based on unique vacuum tube designs.

Specifications Cardinal X2

 input inpedance



 4 or 8 switchable



 bandwidth @1W

 5Hz-33kHz -3dB




 38 pounds


 300B, see above

Other Cardinal Versions Availble on special request only

Cardinal WE

The WE version of the Cardinal is based on the same circuit as the original XS version. The WE uses the same transformers but uses the WE420A/5755 (6SL7 tube in a 9 pin configuration). The WE also uses the WE274 rectifier instead of the 5AR4. This model is for people that want to experience the complete WE sound.

Cardinal XS

The power supply of the Cardinal uses the renowned 5AR4 rectifier in conjunction with a pi filter using only high-quality film capacitors. The voltage amplifier stage uses a select 6SL7 in SRPP configuration coupled to the 300B in self-biased mode, for a clean 10W output. The simple circuit is engineered to exacting specifications and realized with carefully-selected premium parts throughout.

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