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Venus, parallel feed all silver single-ended amplifier

For my admiration of the 45 family of output tubes! I present the best 45 amplifier that I have made to date. The power supply is double choke loaded, using Black Gate WKZ capacitors. The input tube is the 5842/417A, custom capacitor coupled to the 45, running in self bias mode. Completely no SS or DC filaments through out, yet only 0.25mv of hum that is adjustable on the back via a 20 turn potentiometer. The 45 is coupled to the speakers using a 100% silver wired transformer, running in parallel feed. Shipped with the VV45 the amplifier easily puts out 3W's of power from, get this 8Hz-50KHz -3dB or better yet 20-25KHz -1dB.

Available in standard iron or with optional colbalt iron in the output transformer. The cobalt will result in overall even more refinement of sound. The only commercially available silver/cobalt combination amplifier in the world.

Now available with copper transformers. Also shipped with TJ Mesh 45 tubes.

Venus, Atlas, Saturn, Mercury and Gemini Twin PF all use Parallel Feed, what is it and why?

Saturn PX25 Single-Ended Mono Block Amplifiers

The Saturn is based on the original high mu PX25. Now available from TJ in the Mesh format the original PX25 has a higher mu than the PX25A and therefore a much different and I think better sound than the "A" version.

Like the Atlas the high mu PX25 uses a 1% current source to assure consistent bias point for the output tube.

The Saturn uses a PI circuit for the power supply utilizing a Black Gate WKZ capacitor and a 6V4/EZ80 rectifier.

The filaments on the PX25 are AC and have a 20 turn pot to adjust the hum to the lowest level.

This is the most powerful of the Low-Watt series in that at 3% the power is 6W's and the amplifier can hit peaks of 8W's before clipping.

As with the Atlas the Saturn is Parallel Feed with a single 8 ohm secondary (optional 16 ohms). This is available as others on this page with 100% Silver outputs and for a limited time with 100% Silver & Cobalt option.

This amplifier shown with optional Lace Wood top.

The TJ Mesh PX25 is proabably one of the best tubes I have seen in recent production tubes. As you can see the lengthy Mesh Plate is a visual that everyone must see.

 Atlas 205D Single-Ended Mono Block Amplifiers


Atlas has by far taken the longest to release of any amplifier I have designed. The complication comes in the fact that the 205D bias totally different for each tube. Instead of costly and complicated auto biasing schemes I instead devised a regulated current source that would bias each tube to the exact same current.

The Atlas uses parallel feed and has AC heaters like others on this page. It uses WKZ Black Gate filter caps as the Venus does. The input/driver is the WE417A/5842A high transconductance tube. The rectifier is the 6V4/EZ80 like the rest of the Low Watt Series.

With DC heaters and a 20 turn hum pot the level of noise can be easily adjusted.

Available in Copper, Silver and limited supply of Cobalt for the output transformer.

 Gemini, twin Single-Ended Mono Block Amplifiers (specs here)

Shown with optional NOS Globe 45 and Telefunken 6V4 rectifier.

Gemini, the name chosen for being a twin is a single amplifier that can be optimized for two different output tubes, the 45 and 2A3.

The circuitry can be changed using a switch inside the chassis for either of the two output tubes. The circuitry has two stages, the input connected to a 5842A/WE417A. The output of the gain/driver stage is capacitor coupled to the 45/2A3. The power supply is choke loaded for better dynamics. Power is rated between 2.5W (45) to 5W for 2A3's.

When the switch is changed between the two modes, each of the tubes is optimized to the best of it's performance. As in all Wavelength Audio products the power supply is tube rectified (6V4/EZ80) and uses the best components from MagneQuest. Black Gate and Shinko.

Available now in Stainless Steel only.

Gemini PF, parallel feed edition of the Gemini. You asked for it and here it is! The same specifications as the standard version Gemini (except that it has only 8 ohms output impedance). Shipped in Stainless Steel only. Slightly quieter than the standard with all the qualities that have been talked about in parallel feed.

Please note that it is next to impossible to upgrade a standard to a PF version. It literally means taking the entire amplifier apart and then back together again.

The Gemini is now shipped with your choice of either TJ Mesh 45 or 2A3 outputs.

The Gemini is now available with 100% Silver Parallel Feed output transformers and even more highly regarded 100% Silver with Cobalt cores.

Venus, Mercury and Gemini Twin PF all use Parallel Feed, what is it and why?


Mercury Series, Single Stage, Single Tube Amplifiers (specs here)

Ultimate Audio Review of the AVVT20SL version here!

Because we are unsure about current production of the AVVT 20SL the production of the Mercury is on hold.

Mercury and Mercury Ag based on the AVVT20SL

Staying with the theme of a single stage amplifier the AV20SL version of the Mercury begin with an input transformer. This transformer steps up the input signal and presents it to the output tube. The output of the Mercury is parallel feed with either a copper or 100% silver (Ag version) of the output transformer.

Keeping pace with the other Wavelength Audio amplifiers, the best of Black Gate capacitors and MagneQuest iron are used in this amplifier.

The AV20SL version is 4W, input impedance is 2.5K, requires 2.5Vac input for full output. There is both a standard and mesh plate version of the AV20SL. The front tube by the way is a rectifier, type EZ80/6V4 tube rectifier.

Careful selction of a good preamp with low output impedance would be a requirement for all of the Mercury versions.

The Mercury with use of the WE437A and Telefunken RS241 are also available on special request.

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