Wavelength Audio, ltd. News Page.

Welcome to the new site for Wavelength Audio, ltd. As you all may know I have been really busy designing for other companies and have neglected to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. Hopefully the new site will allow me to do that.

New Secant USB DAC to replace the Cosecant as I only have a few transformer sets available. The Secant like the Cosecant is N2 technology with directly heated triode output and external power supply with tube rectifier. $5000.00

New Callisto USB DAC with silver output transformers available. Another N2 design using VT135 triode tubes on the output and external linear supply. $10,000

Cosecant N2 is available now, 24/96 NOS hybrid dac with isolated USB, I2S reclocker and totally upgraded motherboard.

New store page has been added with available products.

RMAF 2019

Brick N2 24/96 NOS hybrid USB DAC. Inside using a 16bit TDA1543 with passive I/V the USB is optically isolated from the host and the 24 bit stream is converted to use with the DAC chip. Available in Silver and Copper, upgrades available now

Duetto v5 stereo 300B 8W amplifier available now, $5000 with oval badge or $5500-$5750 (depending on wood type) with wood inlaid front. Also available with Silver outputs: $20K

Triton Silver 300B 10-15W per channel custom made version. Depending on tube rectifier you use (5AR4/GZ34 15W, GZ378 12W, 5R4/274B 10W). $40K pair

Ethernet Spacelator an active Ethernet filter and reclocker for isolating Ethernet DAC’s and streamers.