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US Retail List Prices $USD (last updated 7/20/07)

Ultimate series semi-custom products

All Ultimate series products will be shipped with the agreed tubes and configuration.

Options ala carte, some custom tubes and power requirements may add to price, quotes available.

Signature Series monoblock 300B Single Ended Amplifiers

All Signatures Amplifiers are shipped with your choice of output tubes.

Lightning Series (formely Low Watt) Series Amplifiers NEW!

Lightning series amplifiers TJ Mesh Tubes supplied with each amplifier, cobalt and some silver cobalt available.

Front End Components

All front end and USB DACS components are shipped with NOS tubes, contact for types and options. Note! Cosine and Tangent come now with chromed copper chassis at no extra charge.

RS Labs is now being imported by Sakura Systems 508-829-3426

Shelter is now handled by AXISS Distribution Inc. email them at the link or call: (310) 329-0187

Prices, specifications, tube complements, dog biscuits, favorite colors etc... are all subject to change without notice.

US Dealers, dealer inquires welcome

Audio Advice 8621-117 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, NC 27617 (919) 881-2005

Audio Odyssey 116 S. 8th Avenue Highland Park, NJ 08904 (732) 572-4520

 Audio Revelation 2630 Pirineos Way Carlsbad, CA 92009 (760) 944-0444

 Don Better Audio 2224 Elandon Drive, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 (216) 375-1393

Quintessence Audio, ltd. 5701 West Dempster Street, Morton Grove, IL 60053 (847) 966-4434

Stereo Exchange 627 Broadway New York, New York 10012 (212) 505-1111
Synergistic Sounds 110 Fifth Street #12 Santa Rosa, CA 95401 (707) 526-4748

International Representation

 Distributor for Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Audiofellas 16H Kim Tak Bldg, 328-342 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (852) 27802382


Understand that Wavelength Audio does not have have CE approval for Europe so you must buy direct.

Interested dealers or importers in other regions please contact me as all the products are internationalized.

eMail Wavelength Audio

Enjoy the Music.com Interesting information about music and audio. Also check out the new Magazine!

Nirvana Audio Nirvana interconnects and speaker cables make all of our amplifiers and preamps sound the best, Try it and you will hear the difference!!!

Tube Dealers

Note: Look these guys are not in a buisness for telling you what the best tube is to use. Mainly because they have no idea. This being because each tube has a signature placed on it by the design and the parts around it. So don't waste their time by asking. Buy some items try them out and see how they change the overall sound. eBay, good luck, I typically return more than I use. If it breaks the amp, you will have to pay to get it fixed and it is easy to see when that happens.

Another Note: Do not take advice on the cross reference of tubes. Example a 5AR4/GZ34 is not compatible with a WE274, a 6CA4 is not compatible with a 6V4 and soforth. If it is not detailed in the manuel then assume it does not work or ask me.

Angela Instruments: Most people will find Steve hard to deal with, just re-read the above statement before contacting!

Antique Electronic Supply: Good place for almost anything make sure you call and specify if you want some specific.

New Sensor: Home of Sovtek and Electro Harmonics also great place for guitar and guitar amp stuff.

SND Tube Sales (i.e. VacuumTubes.com): My good buddy Mike Marx is excellent for getting the good stuff.

Triode Electronics: Ned and company have a unique line of tubes, parts and kits for the builder.

Vacuum Tubes inc: Jim use to be in Cincinnati so I have been over to his house. Usually has pretty good prices.

Specialty Tubes

Emissions Labs: Formely Vaic Valve.

Euro Audio New promising tube line.

KR Enterprises: high octane tubes.

TJ Tubes: Mesh 300B, 205 and Mesh 2A3 (labeled 300B-2.5V filament).

Western Electric: Were it all started.


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