Signature 45

Signature 45 Amplifier for 2004


I have left this in for reference only.

Sometimes considered an obsession this tube has led me to more designs and builds than any other output tube. The Signature 45 came about like other designs. I sat down, drew it out, made it and it worked better than I suggested without changing a single variable. This of course comes with the vast number of times I have used the 45 in amplifier designs.

Starting with the 274B rectifier the power supply is dual choke symmetrical loaded from channel to channel. The power supply and the parallel feed chokes are custom MagneQuest design, as well as the output transformer available in the following configurations:

The amplifier is constructed on a unique base that is cast and made to remove standing waves brought about by the main ac. The sockets for the 45 and the 417A/5842A are Yamamoto Teflon units of the highest quality. Custom capacitors for coupling and parallel feed where designed for this amplifier. Each channel has more than 2000H of inductance which equates to very low noise and very good bass.

When only the best will do this amplifier will deliver!

Specifications Signature 45

 input impedance

 50K or Transformer 20K


 8 ohm, optional 16


 3W NOS Globe, 4W ST NOS, Mesh TJ 5W

 bandwidth @1W

 5Hz-65kHz -3dB




 38 pounds


 45 by 2, WE417A/5842A by 2, 274B


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